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You use this selection tool to select objects that are square, rectangular, oval, or a circle
you use the move tool to move selected objects on the page or various objects on the different layers
The lasso tool is a free hand selection tool, its very difficult to get precise edges with this

The polygonal lasso tool works similar to the lasso tool but with a bit more control, you right mouse click to set points and then between each of these points will be a straight line, YOU MUST FINISH THE CIRCLE when using this tool

The magnetic lasso tool allows you to select objects like the original lasso tool, but this takes a best guess of sorts as to what it thinks your trying to select

the magic wand tool is useful on oddly shaped objects containing one primary color (such as the sky, or the ocean) if it doesn't select all that you want it to, the best bet is to hold shift down and left mouse click to select the rest of the object you want.
The crop tool cuts down an image to the size you want
this tool is very good for touching up an image or a person, after useing this tool, you realize how models can be so "flawless"....

YOU MUST "ALT" + LEFT MOUSE CLICK to select the point you want to match with.

The paint brush tool is a basic tool that allows you to paint the the foreground color on the desired layer
the eraser tool allows you too erase any part of the desired layer you are working on
The paint bucket tool allows you to "Fill" an area with the foreground color

the gradient tool puts a gradient over the layer you are working on

The blur tool works like the paint brush tool, but blurs the portion of the image you desire

the sharpen tool works the same as the blur, but sharpens the image

the smudge tool works as the two above, but will smudge an image as your finger would smudge a charcoal piece of art

the dodge tool allows you to lighten a portion of the image, such as dark rings under your eyes or blemish's on your skin

the burn tool allows you to ad dark highlights to an image such as muscle definition or face shadows

the sponge tool allows you too desaturate (take the color out of) the portion of the image you want.

The Type tool allows you to add a layer of text to your image
the shape tool allows you to add various vector shape layers to your image
not a commonly used tool, but allows you to make notations that will not be visable on the final printed/exported image
eyedropper tool allows you to color sample a portion of the image so that you can better match color
the hand tool allows you to navigate through a closely zoomed image
allows you to zoom in or out of an image
the foreground color is the top color that is the color that will be used if you use the paintbrush tool
the background color is the bottom color, that is the color that will show up if you use the eraser tool on an image that only has one layer

Masks will be dealt with in digital design 2

View page, allows you to view the page in several different ways,