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Chapter 5

Using System Software:

The Operating System, Utility Programs, and File Management


          System software

          Operating systems:

        Control computer functions:



          Application programs

          System maintenance

        Kinds of systems

          Real-Time (RTOS)

          Systems with a specific purpose and a certain result

          EX: Cars

          Single-User, Single-Task

          Perform one task at a time

          EX: PDA

          Single-User, Multitask

          Perform simultaneous tasks

          EX: windows, mac


          Known as network operating systems

          Allow access to the computer system by more than one user

          EX: Unix

        Common desktop systems

          Microsoft Windows

          MAC OS



        User interaction

          Enables you to interact with the computer

          Types of interfaces:

          Command-driven interface

          Menu-driven interface

          Graphical user interface

        Manage hardware

          Device drivers:

          Programs that enable the operating system to communicate with peripheral devices

          Provided by the manufacturer of the device

          Plug and Play:

          Hardware and software standard

          Facilitates the installation of new hardware

        Start the computer

          Non-system disk or disk error

          Remove the floppy from the drive and press any key

          POST errors

          Single beep: Everything is loading properly

          Series of beeps: Hardware problem

          Safe mode

          Windows does not boot properly

          Uninstall any new devices or software

          Desktop and windows features

          Utility programs

        Programs that perform computer housekeeping tasks:

        Manage system resources

          Task manager

          List running  programs and processes

          System Restore:

          Restores the system settings back to a specific date

          Disk defragmenter



        Improve efficiency

          Disk cleanup

          Cleans unnecessary files

        Virus prevention