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Port Identification

~ CIS 105 ~

To the Left is a common back of a PC... Be able to identify all these ports when its comes time for the test...

Note the difference between an Ethernet plug and a Phone plug, also be able to know that a Phone Jack is used primarily for dial up internet, and faxing from you computer, as the Ethernet plug is used for broadband speed internet such as cable or DSL.
 To the left are the four major USB Male Inputs into a computer or PDA or cell phone or external device (such as printer scanner ect).

These are the two major types of fire wire cords and ports... they are known as 6 pin and 4 pin... the top illustrates a 6 pin male end and the port to connect it to (such as an external hard drive, or the back of a desktop PC)... The bottom shows a 4 pin  male input and the port to connect it to. (such as a laptop, or video camera)
This is a typical monitor plug
This is a typical desktop PC power plug and outlet.
These are typical plugs for a standard mouse and standard keyboard.