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Port Identification

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          Computer fluency

o   To be computer fluent you must:  Understand a computer’s capabilities and limitations, Know how to use a computer

          Being Computer Savvy

o   Make good purchase decisions

o   Maintain your computer

o   Keep abreast of changes in technology

o   Understand the real risks

o   Use the Internet wisely

o   Avoid online annoyances

o   Avoid hackers and viruses

o   Protect your privacy

          Challenges Facing a Digital Society

o   Computer use ethics

o   Privacy risks

o   Personal data collection

o   Monitoring e-mail

o   Copyright infringement

o   Software piracy

          Computer functions

o   Input Data

§  Devices Include

·         Key Board

·         Mouse

·         Scanner

·         Camera, ect

o   Process Data

§  Mother board – all devices connect to this main base located inside the system case

§  RAM – Random Access Memory

§  CPU (Central Processing Unit)

·         Processor

o   Pentium 3, 4, Duo Core

o   Athlon

o   Centrino

o   Output Information

§  Devices Include

·         Monitor

·         Speakers

·         Pinters, ect

o   Store data and Information

§  Bites and Bytes

·         Bit – is a one (1) or a zero (0) used in series to create letters numbers and special charators

o   A series of bits such as 00110100 represnts a charator, in this case the number “4”







1 byte

Can hold one character of data.



1,024 bytes

Can hold 1,024 characters or about half of a typewritten page double-spaced.



1,048,576 bytes

A floppy disk holds approximately 1.4 MB of data, a CD holds 700 MB of information,or approximately 768 pages of typed text.



1,073,741,824 bytes

A DVD holds 4.7 GB of information most hard drives hold # GB value



1,099,511,627,776 bytes

Roughly 1024 times the size of 1 GB, or 217 DVD’s worth of information



1,125,899,906,842,624 bytes


§  Storage devices Include

·         Hard Disk Drives

·         Floppy Disk

·         CD/DVD burners

·         Flash Drive, Thumb Drive

          Computer hardware and software

o   Hardware are physical pieces of equitpment that connect to your computer

o   Software are the programs and operating systems that run the hardware

§  System Software

·         Mac OS X

·         Windows (98, xp, vista)

§  Application Software

·         Microsoft Office

·         Photoshop

          Specialty Computers

o   PDA - are small, one-task-at-a-time computers, that serve highly mobile users

o   Server - Servers are powerful computers that control networks and often use Unix as an operating system.

o   Mainframe - are large, expensive multifaceted computers designed to handle thousands of users.

o   Super Computers - are large, fast computers assigned to concentrate on specific scientific tasks.

o   Microcontrollers - are specially designed computer chips that reside inside other devices such as your car or your electronic thermostat in your home.